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Rock And Roll All Night Long - A Rockabilly Tribute To Hurriganes
(Goofin' GRCD 6174)

(1) The Phone Rang - Mystery Train (2) Mary Jane - Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers (3) Keep A-Knockin' - The Lo-Lites (4) Fourty Night - Jetfires (5) Ridin' Ridin' - Oo Wee 55 (6) Saturly Night Club - Tortilla Flat (7) My Only One - Flatbroke Trio (8) Judy - Tres Paradoxales (9) Kinky Reggae - Cast Iron Arms (10) Sweet Sue - Berryman & Bullet (11) An Awful Crime - Mr. Breathless & Rockin' Paradox (12) Shorai Shorai - Greased Lightning (13) Indian Woman - The Sun Connection (14) It Ain't What You Do - The Moontones (15) Rocking Belly - Tres Paradoxales

In the Texas Oil article in the previous issue of Blues News there was a mention of probably the most ambitious project of the year: a Hurriganes tribute album. Now it's finally released. As you can see from the list of performers, they all are long time professionals of Finnish roots music. The result is absolutely brilliant. The agnomen A Rockabilly Tribute is a bit misleading because the album covers the whole genre of Finnish roots music. Bands and styles change from track to track. The album covers just about everything from the instrumentals of the Tres Paradoxales to the rockabilly of the Jetfires and from the bluegrass of Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers to the blues of Tortilla Flat.

It's great that there are no overly familiar songs on the album like Get On and Bourbon Street and the bands have boldly gone where no man has gone before with some less known material by Hurriganes. Songs like Judy, Kinky Reggae and Saturly Night Club have all been given a new and improved life on this album. All the versions have been recorded with high respect to the original one even though every track carries the unique stamp of the performers themselves. The most interesting thing is that none of the tracks have been played in the style of Hurriganes.

Something mystical must have happened during the mastering. Tortilla Flat sound as if they have been playing in a basement and thus been recorded through the wall. The echo is missing from the Flatbroke Trio's song. Then there’s a few bars missing from the beginning of Berryman & Bullet's song. Those things will probably go undetected if you don't know they should be there.

The one and only things I slightly dislike on the album are those three non-original Hurriganes tracks (3, 7 & 10). I would have chosen only original Hurriganes tracks to play. Anyway, that Bo Diddley style version of Keep A-Knockin' sends a cold shiver down my spine. Also the very minimalist Sweet Sue and the refreshing My Only One are great examples of the passion in which the versions have been recorded. There is no bad or even average track, every single one has earned its place on this album. I can't tell you my own favorites because I like them all.

Riku Metelinen





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