Blues News (BN) magazine has been around since 1968, making it one of the oldest blues magazines in the world. BN is the first black music magazine in Finland and in Finnish language, fortunately/unfortunately. Blues News is published bimonthly (six issues a year) by the Finnish Blues Society (FBS). The subscribers of the Blues News are automatically members of the Finnish Blues Society.

Blues News covers various forms of Afro-American music including blues, R&B, soul, gospel, even jazz and rock'n'roll. Our aim is also to promote the Finnish blues and roots music and musicians. The blues scene in Finland is quite vivid and alive, and several blues and blues-related albums will be released this year.

Editorial staff for 2014:
Maiju Lasola, Editor-in-Chief
Pete Hoppula, Managing Editor/Advertising sales representative


Finnish Blues Society has a record label called Blue North Records, which over the years has published a number of recordings, LPs and CDsc. Most of the LPs are now sold-out collector items. Most of the Blue North's CD releases are still available by mail order from the FBS/BN office (see section BN RECORDS). One exception is the promo CD Roots Power (BNCD008), which was distributed along with a BN magazine. The President of Finnish Blues Society Maiju Lasola is also the Head of the Blue North Records.


Finnish Blues Society ry (FBS) is a non-profitable association, sponsored by the Finnish Ministry of Culture and the City of Helsinki. Finnish Blues Society (FBS) is the publisher of the Blues News magazine and the owner of the Blue North records. The subscribers of the Blues News are automatically members of the Finnish Blues Society. Finnish Blues Society (FBS) is the Affiliate member of Blues Foundation (Memphis, TN), and the Active Member of the European Blues Union (EBU). FBS has selected and sponsored the entrant for the annual European Blues Challenge (EBC) organized by EBU. FBS is also the organizer of concerts and the annual “Stompin' at the Savoy” festival - in the city of Helsinki - in April.

Board members for Finnish Blues Society in 2014:

Maiju Lasola, President of Finnish Blues Society
Harri Suokas, Vice President
Aarno Alén, Member/Treasurer
Aimo Ollikainen, Member/Secretary
Kari Kempas, Member
Kalle Mänttä, Member
Pertti Nurmi, Member
Sakari Sohlberg, Member
Honey Aaltonen, Vice Member
Riku Metelinen, Vice Member

Some milestones for FBS:
- Finnish Blues Society's founding meeting on 3.7.1968.
- Blues News 1/1968 published on 12.7.1968.
- Finnish Blues Society's second founding meeting on 24.05.1970.
- Finnish Blues Society ry was officially registered on 13.11.1970
- FBS renamed Finnish Afro-American music association (SAMY) in spring 1980.
- The name of the society returned to the Finnish Blues Society (FBS) on 29.8.2006.
- Blues News celebrated its 40th anniversary in Helsinki Gloria Theatre on 19.9.2008.
- Finnish Blues Society revealed a commemorative plaque for Eddie Boyd at his former home house in Kallio, Helsinki, on 16.5.2009.
- Finnish Blues Society became an Affiliate Member of Blues Foundation (Memphis, TN) on 1.1.2009.
- Finnish Blues Society was awarded with a "Keeping the Blues Alive Award, KBA 2010" by the Blues Foundation in Memphis on 23.1.2010 for long-term and selfless work on behalf of the blues music.
- Finnish Blues Society participated in building up the European Blues Union (EBU) and became its Active Member in 2010.

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